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Welcome To SnowyCones

SnowyCones are the next big thing to hit the UK. Snow cones are already hugely popular in America and other similar countries. Our SnowyCones are delicious in-hand refreshments that are perfect for all the family. We have a vast selection of flavours to choose from including all of your classic favourites. They are made form ice that has been shaved into the consistency of snow. They are then drenched in delicious flavoured syrup to make them too tasty to turn down. They are served in a flower cup, cone or tub with a straw spoon. Kids go crazy for our SnowyCones and so do their parents.

You can hire us out for any events or parties that you might have coming up. They are different, fun and exciting which is always a huge hit at gatherings and parties. We don’t take up much space, just a mobile SnowyCone stand which has everything inside it. All of our operators are friendly and polite. They always give service with a smile and they leave their area exactly how they found it. It’s not just the kids that go crazy for them, you’ll see a queue of adults lining up at the SnowyCones stand for sure.

If you are interested in hiring Snowy Cones for an event or party coming up then get in touch! You can get into contact by phone or email which is down below. We will try and get back to you as soon as possible, usually in under 24 hours. You can speak to us if you have any questions about our products or anything else to do with Snowy Cones as well. If you would like to know anything else then there is more information on our website so go and check that out.

You can now shop online by following this link – Shop Online. We’ll see you soon.

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