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The Mike Armstrong Podcast is a Motivational & Educational Podcast for Inspiring and Educating Entrepreneurs to Build Knowledge, Skills, and Resilience in their life in order to achieve success and to live their best life. Mike educates people on Sales & Marketing, Networking, Leadership & Personal Development, and has lots of regular features such as Morning Motivation, Wolf of Wales, King of Marketing, Voice of Social Media, Networker 2018 Entrepreneur Chats, and the Networking Grapevine.

You can find the Mike Armstrong Podcast (#Mike ArmstrongPodcast on all good Podcast apps and you can also find the connected Mike Armstrong YouTube Channel #MikeArmstrongYouTube by searching for the Mike Armstrong YouTube Channel.

Both the Mike Armstrong Podcast and the Mike Armstrong Youtube Channel are available for sponsorship and MIke can also provide adverts for your business in amongst the episodes.

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