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Welcome to Claire Baker Boutique Coaching & Consulting

I’m Claire and I’m a Transformation Success Coach, HR Consultant and Career Reset Coach. My biggest aims are to support individuals and businesses to excel in their personal power and performance through building and realigning core foundations. To enable and support individuals to see beyond their previous or current career choices and excel in their personal power is something I get great pleasure from.

I believe with the correct advice and guidance, a persons performance for their future growth and direction in life can be influenced in the best way. I also aim to support businesses to achieve HR results, in project form or with individual resolution requirements using a no-nonsense approach of getting back to basics and dealing with implementation or general problems efficiently and effectively.

Why do I do this?

Because I want more than just a tick in a box or information, I want mic drop moments that give me a sense of purpose and drive me to live my best life. I’ve realized throughout my life that I can relate to people more than I ever thought and in an exceptional way. I have used my life experience, choices and values to explore and articulate how other people feel, then use this to facilitate positive change. I make connections and build relationships through shared experience, exploring blockers and having a genuine desire for deep and lasting change.

Who do I help?

My aim is to leave my clients with an impact and having made a meaningful difference to their lives and businesses. I work with clients that are either stagnant, disengaged and need a reset. Even for some who are overwhelmed, or simply lost with the number of loose ends, tasks and over-loaded to do lists. I also work with clients who want an independent view or require support with resolution and a no-nonsense approach to problems. I absolutely love to help people kick start or move forward in their personal growth journey and this of course contributes to mine. Within my 3 boutique services I guide, coach and inspire individuals and businesses to strengthen and develop a more streamlined and successful future. My down to earth approach and methods give people time and energy back to ensure they can focus on what is truly important.

For more information on myself and what I do you can contact via email. I’m always available for advice so feel free to drop an email at any time and I’ll be happy to assist you further.

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